I'm on the hunt for the perfect hallway light. It's for a client. She's looking for something that's traditional, yet modern with gold or brass finish. The light is for an upstairs hallway...there's room for it to hang into the entry staircase. So, I think a pendant would be nice. Here's what I've found so far...I think it's a pretty nice selection. The drums may be a little big, but would make a nice statement piece. 
[1] Caged Lantern Pendant, $840   [2] Landmark Pendant, $495   [3] Ellis Pendant, $699  
[4] Turner Pendant, $675   [5] Monde Mirrored Pendant, $250   [6] Hicks Pendant, $710  
[7] Box X2 Pendant,  $800   [8] Capiz Chandelier, $195   [9] Geo Frame Pendant, $248

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