For this project, my client is a 1st grader who's grown tired of her toddler room and is looking for a little independence, aka a cool big girl's room. Her mom wanted to give her a transitional “big girl room” without the inconveniences of painting and the expense of all new furniture. So, I delivered on her wishes to keep cost down while making a high impact with a few new pieces and key accessories.
  • First and foremost she asked for a desk...a place for her pictures, crafts, writing supplies and tiny trinkets.  Mom was hoping the desk would encourage some focused homework time. 
  • New bedding can completely change the vibe of a room, as it did with this room - I choose one that's sophisticated and sweet, but not too girly, so she can grow with it. I love John Robshaw's colors & prints...and the quality is superb, guaranteed for a luxurious night's sleep. 
  • Wall decor and organization - somehow girls have a way of collecting more jewelry than their moms at this age. So, a jewelry organizer is a must. I love the one I found at Urban Outfitters, perfect for them to see everything and hopefully start wearing them (not all at once). Also, found a super cute mirror to go with the independence theme, as they start creating their own look. 
  • Extra storage - you can never have too much storage...a place for everything and everything in it's place, I say. A night table, end of bed bench with a shelf, large baskets and wall shelves will do the trick here.
When all was completed, I got a big blushing ear-to-ear smile from the client and in her words (also those borrowed from a famous redhead orphan), “I think I’m gonna like it here!”


I have a client who has an empty room that needs a little love. She already has an office, a guest room and a play space. She has two girls, 4 and 7, and thought a kid's reading den/hang out space would be a fun idea. This spare room is upstairs along with all the other bedrooms, so it would be a good place for them to wind down before bed, play quiet games or just relax. Here are the 2 concepts - both are playful yet transitional, one funkier than the other.  I will keep you posted on the room's progress. 


Holiday break is over, school is back in session and I'm happy to have a little routine back in my day. ...and some time to really clean house. Our living room minus the blankets, stuff animals, snacks and juice boxes. I've been itching to buy a big coffee table, but with the kids constantly chasing each other and piling messes on any clean space, I think I'll hold off for another year. 


I'm dedicating this year to learning new things and making life a little bit fuller. They say you're never too old to go after your dreams. So here I go... this is where I will be starting my free mornings (when the little one is in school) writing, sketching, researching, sourcing, collecting, editing and learning everything I can about home interiors. Here's to 2015 and starting new dreams (or finding it)!