The idea of a big sofa in the playroom made the most sense for me even though the clients weren't so sure since it was a small space. But I think it was definitely the right move. I for one like to be able to lounge a nice comfy sofa while playing with my kids. ;) Plus, it's a great spot for reading and napping.

The before:


Before, during and after. This elevator has been decommissioned, but rather than just removing the clients had a fun idea to turn into a serving bar. The idea was to replaced the sheet metal wall on the right with a half glass wall, but when the wall came out the whole frame of the elevator was compromised. So there was some deconstructing and reconstructing that had to be made, but in the end all turned out fantastic. 


Imagine the before - cream color walls with burnt orange accent colors, dark wood mantel, red brick surround and brass fireplace doors. And here's the after...


Seven spaces, seven goal: "happy spaces" for the men, women and kids at the Isaiah House shelter and food pantry. The reveal party was an emotional night of excitement, joy and humbleness. I hope these new revived spaces will give them hope, comfort and happiness.

The before


Here's a look at the quick design board with a few wallpaper selects. I liked them all, but was secretly hoping that they picked the navy and gold jellyfish print. And so happy when they did. Yay!  It's a little tight in the powder room to take a good picture. Will have to try it at a different angle.


A start of fun, kitchen project. We'll be updating a small, dark, 1920's kitchen to what I'm hoping will look like this design board. Client review meeting is tomorrow. Fingers crossed they love it.
The before:


Adding in some blue accents to give this boys room some color and layers of interest. Accent walls, fun light fixture, window shades, rug and a few wall pieces. In other words, we were working with the 2 existing pieces..bed and bedside table. :)  

Creating a cool wall shelf for these boys. The hardest part was probably planning the measurements and drilling the holes, but the rest was just like a puzzle...and then assemble and bolt.


We are in the final stretch of project global sophisticated (Part 1). The kitchen is done, family room is 95% done and just a few more pieces for the master. Then we'll move on to Part 2 - the dining room, living room and foyer. Can't wait.

I have a love and hate relationship with knick knacks...I love the look of a well collected room of unique and beautiful pieces, but hate when it feels claustrophobic and cluttered. So, when I'm accessorizing clients homes I'm very conscientious of what I bring in. Art is a must; it adds character and personality. Plants, pillows and throws are accents for warmth. The rest are have to fit the vibe and have a practical purpose - whether it's to hold magazines, remote controls,  jewelry or loose change. I'll scour and search for those unique object pieces that tie the room together...good thing I like researching/shopping ;). The key is adding just a few pieces that balance out the room without overdoing it.