I was a little nervous with doing an all white room, but it was one of the things this 10yr old really wanted. And like most tweens, when they have an idea in their head, it's really hard to change their, you embrace it and make it work. :)  With blank walls, you really need to bring in texture, color and contrast to add some warmth and character. For color, we added pink and aqua accent pieces throughout the room; for texture, the faux fur rug and throws for texture; And for contrast/balance...the mirrored wall hanging, silver pouf, chrome finishes and ceiling decal was just the right amount of bling to make it fabulous. 


We made a dark, heavy and traditional living room feel light, bright and modern with just a few new pieces. The coffee table is almost twice as wide than the old leather ottoman, but the glass and chrome finish really opened up the room. Table and chairs are from other vendors but compliment the table perfectly with the same metal finish. 

And this is what an updated living room looks like when your kids are no longer wiping their hands on furniture and you're not nervous that they'll crash into corners or break glass.  

In the dining room, we simply updated red walls and traditional art ....with cozy dark charcoal gray paint and modern fretwork wall decor. All is set for an initimate dinner party.  


I love my mini clients. The ones going from little kids to little big kids... settling into their own unique self. ready to say bye to their "baby" room and make it their own (well with a little help :) just to make sure it's not all tie-dye and bright lights everywhere). They get super excited to tell me what they want, show me pictures of their dream room...and then when it's all done their expressions are the sweetest.