We are in the final stretch of project global sophisticated (Part 1). The kitchen is done, family room is 95% done and just a few more pieces for the master. Then we'll move on to Part 2 - the dining room, living room and foyer. Can't wait.

I have a love and hate relationship with knick knacks...I love the look of a well collected room of unique and beautiful pieces, but hate when it feels claustrophobic and cluttered. So, when I'm accessorizing clients homes I'm very conscientious of what I bring in. Art is a must; it adds character and personality. Plants, pillows and throws are accents for warmth. The rest are have to fit the vibe and have a practical purpose - whether it's to hold magazines, remote controls,  jewelry or loose change. I'll scour and search for those unique object pieces that tie the room together...good thing I like researching/shopping ;). The key is adding just a few pieces that balance out the room without overdoing it.

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