I love a nicely styled coffee table. It's the small things that speak to me. It's a simple way to welcome to your guest, make them feel comfortable and give them a little taste of who you are. Yep, I get all of that from a coffee table, that is if it's arranged well. And I know it's not always easy, especially with little kids, but it is possible. 

If you want to tell a little story with your table, there are 4 elements to it:
The 1st one is obviously - coffee table books or magazine, any sort of flip through book of your interests and hobbies. Come to think of it, photo albums would be great here. Not many people have them anymore, but think they are so nice to have. Need to put that one on my list of to-dos. Two - the quintessential tray, all those little do-dads... remote, coasters, candles, etc. look great when they are organized on a tray. Three - an interesting object that says a little something about you - maybe it's a souvenir you've collected on your travels or something your kid has made or just something you thought was pretty in the store. The final fourth item - would be color, this could be a plant,  flowers or little snack bowl...just to liven up the mix. 

And there you have it a little invitation to stay for a little while. Who knew a table could do so much. 

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